Amazing Grace Copper Pallet Sign


Image of Amazing Grace Copper Pallet Sign

Thank you for sowing your love gift of $155.00 into purpose, vision and mission to share the gospel of God's grace and truth that empowers us to renew minds and purify hearts with the revelation of a Christ-like faith! His ministry of reconciliation is the reason for this holy season! As a reminder of the love gift you sown, experience the peace of Amazing Grace as a momento of our appreciation of your valued support!

This modern take on our rustic sign are sure to be on everyone's gift list. The beautiful copper die-cut sentiments backed by a black wood-plank base. The black and copper tones balance each other so well making this a great keepsake and gift for the holiday. This sign is accompanied by our original poem presented in a lovely 8 x 11 frame and reads like this:

"Amazing Grace is magnified when Amazing Grace is edified. Amazing Compassion overflows when Amazing Grace is bestowed. Amazing You created new when Amazing Grace uproots. Amazing Me cleansed for eternity when Amazing Grace healed the wrecked soul in me. Amazing Us unified when Amazing Grace became what Who we glorify. Amazing World we realized when Amazing Grace we invited in to purify. Amazing Grace became our abode that awakened our hearts to love each other Amazingly."

* Amazing Grace sentiment
* 14 (w) X 9 (h)
* Copper die-cut letters on black wood-plank base
* Includes two triangle ring hangers (one on each side)